Anesthesia Errors Causing Injury

Anesthesia errors can be caused by a number of factors, but many are the result of medical negligence. Failure to properly monitor your oxygen levels while you are receiving treatment can lead to serious brain injuries.

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Wrongful Death Caused by Medical Malpractice

Each year in the United States, there are nearly 100,000 wrongful deaths that result from medical malpractice. A wrongful death is a death that should have been prevented, as it was caused by another party’s negligent actions.

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Failure to Diagnose Heart Attack and Stroke

It is a tragic occurrence when patients are turned away from the emergency room and suffer a heart attack or stroke soon after they leave. It is also devastating when a doctor fails to see a patient in time.

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Oklahoma Medical Malpractice Lawyers

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Medical malpractice is the failure of a doctor or other medical professional to perform competently when treating a patient, which causes them injury or declining health. Therefore, if your Oklahoma medical provider fails follow the accepted medical standards, or does not exhibit the level of care and skill that another physician or surgeon would provide, you could have a medical malpractice claim.

Elite Injury Attorneys NetworkIf you or someone you love has been injured because of medical malpractice, it is important to learn about your options. A medical malpractice attorney can help you protect your rights and help you file a claim and recover the damages you and your family deserve. To find the lawyer who is right for you, contact Elite Injury Attorneys’ Network, LLC. A lawyer with medical malpractice experience will review you case and attempt to match you with a qualified Oklahoma medical malpractice lawyer if your claim appears to have merit, for no additional fee.

Examples of Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice can involve a number of negligent behaviors, such as:

  • Birth injury
  • Blood transfusions
  • Failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis
  • Hospital mistakes
  • Emergency room errors
  • Improperly reading test results, x-rays, etc.
  • Medication errors
  • Anesthesia mistakes
  • Failure to treat or delayed treatment

The Investigation and Expert Testimony

Medical malpractice claims are complex personal injury cases that require comprehensive investigation. Your medical records will be carefully analyzed to determine the exact cause of malpractice, the events leading to it, and the injuries that resulted. Medical professionals who are qualified in that particular field of medicine will be required to testify on your behalf. These experts will define the ‘appropriate’ standard of care to prove that your doctor exercised care that fell below that standard.

Because medical malpractice cases are also time consuming and can be expensive, it is important that you have a qualified Oklahoma medical malpractice attorney on your side to help you through the process. He or she can help you collect the maximum amount of damages for your injuries, and ensure that the defendant’s insurance company does not pressure into accepting an unfair settlement.

If you live in Oklahoma and your health has suffered because of a medical provider’s negligent actions, you may have a medical malpractice claim. Please complete the online form and the Elite Injury Attorneys’ Network, LLC will attempt to pair you with an Oklahoma medical malpractice lawyer who has experience with your specific type of case, if you claim appears credible.