Anesthesia Errors Causing Injury

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Some patients believe that the most dangerous part of surgery is the actual procedure. However, the greatest number of complications and serious injuries are actually a result of the anesthesia. An anesthesia mistake can range from administering the wrong type of anesthetic to improperly monitoring a patient’s vital signs. The result can be a serious and life-threatening injury, including death.

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How Anesthesia Errors Occur

Anesthesiologists are highly-trained professionals who know the proper procedures and protocols for administering this medication safely and effectively. However, anesthesiologists are human and mistakes happen.

Maybe the Oklahoma anesthesiologist is fatigued after a long day or was not thorough enough in reviewing a patient’s history before the procedure. There are important matters that must be fully identified prior to administering any anesthetic, such as:

  • A patient’s health and age
  • Allergies
  • Any bad reactions to past medications
  • Details about the surgery

Failure to review these important factors can result in a miscommunication, which may lead to the wrong type of medication that is administered.

Anoxic Brain Injuries

An anoxic brain injury (also known as a hypoxic-anoxic injury or HAI) happens when there is a lack of oxygen to the supply to the brain, which kills brain cells. Oxygen deprivation can result from decreased respiration and insufficient blood flow to the brain—potential complications from an anesthesia error.

If a patient’s oxygen supply to the brain is cut off for four minutes, it can result in permanent and irreversible brain damage. If an anesthesiologist fails to monitor a patient’s breathing or heart rate while he or she is unconscious, the result may be a devastating and life-altering brain injury.

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